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The Scrapped Second Episode was the original idea for the second episode of Billys Toon Times. It was ultimately scrapped and replaced with The Hallo-Weenies. It focused around the gang going back in time. It was talked about in the BTT Update Video, 2 YEARS OF BTT - The Losercast #2.


The episode was to center around Gavin inventing a Time Machine. Billy and Philip, curious what Gavin was doing, go to investigate. For some reason, Adam came with them. He kept hitting a button, and the crew was whisked away to Prehistoric times, where they met their ancestors. They teach their ancestors how to survive.

Later on, Adam finds a dinosaur and climbs on top of it. It turns out to be a carnivorous stegosaurus. It chases the crew into a cave. Gavin's time machine shows up once more, with the future versions of Shane, Billy, Adam, and Gavin inside it. Billy asks his future self where his hat went, to which he responds that he doesn't bother anymore. Billy pushes the future versions out of the time machine and return to their time.

When they return to the present, Billy scolds Adam for almost getting them killed. Adam protests that it was a fun adventure, but Billy does not care.


The actual crew was unknown, but there were a few things known.

Voice Actors

  • Billy: Billy Crinion
  • Adam: Adam Crinion
  • Philip: Philip McEvoy
  • Shane: Shane Campbell/Billy Crinion
  • Gavin: Gavin Thomas/Billy Crinion
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