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The Title Card used for this Special Episode

The Hallo-Weenies is the second episode of Billy's Toon Times. The episode was originally named, "The Halloween Special" after some consideration, the shows creator Billy, decided to officially call it The Hallo-Weenies.

This is the first full length animation animated by Billy himself. He worked over around 3 months to get it done,Going off and on from it a few times. It was officially finished in December after making it a two parter and was uploaded as a 5 minute video on the Billys Toon Times episode channel.


Both episodes revolve around Shane leaving and going to the army where he obliviously steals a robot. This robot creates a beam that turns the whole city into zombies. Billy, Gavin, Philip and Adam are dressed up as super heroes from games and movies. They are about to go trick or treating when they see the rest of the trick or treaters as zombies and run away to the basement. Philip pulls a book from the bookcase and it opens to show a pole leading down to a "Batcave". They get weapons from the armoury and run to the zombies. A montage of shooting and punching is shown and they defeat the zombies. This episode made the show get way more publicity than intended.


  • This is the first full length episode.
  • First episode to feature Adam.
  • First special episode of Billys Toon Times.
  • Ironically enoghth Billy apeared in the Eddsworld episode Fun Dead AS a zombie.