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Shane is the main duetagonist of Billy's Toon Time. He is Billy's best friend and the owner of Pinkie.


Shane is the one of the main protagonists in 'Billys Toon Times'. He comes up with a lot of the adventures the group goes on.

Shane, is the adventurous one of the group. He is always the most enthusiastic of the bunch, if there is adventure to go on, he's the first out the door. Shane owns a pink, formerly white, sheep named 'Pinkie', which he bought from a farmer in 'Done Deals'.

Character Appearance

Shane has light brown hair, light teal eyes, and is likely pretty short, being revealed as being at least shorter than Adam.

He wears a grey hoodie over a blue T-shirt and under a dark grey jacket, jeans, and grey sneakers.

Personality and Traits

Shane is very optimistic and friendly, and he often invites random people to stay if they need a home. He's a flirt around girls, and girls are one of his weaknesses. He loves his pet sheep, Pinkie, and adored when his wool color was "dyed" pink. He often decides the adventures that the team goes on.

Character Trivia

  • Shane wanted to leave the group to go to the army but he soon realized that it wasn't his place after he stole a robot and turned everyone into zombies.
  • Shane has the ability to stretch his arms, this first being seen in "The Halloweenies".
    • The reason for this ability coming into the light is because Billy was to lazy to animate Shane climbing more, and decided to simply stretch his arms instead.
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