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Scaring is Caring is a minisode of Billys Toon Times that aired on October 25th, 2015. The centered characters are Billy and Philip. It is the first Halloween episode to feature Shane in it.


The episode starts with 3 children coming up to Billy's house. Billy opens the doors, the children say "Trick or Treat!", and Billy compliments their costumes. A loud shout is heard from off-screen, and it's revealed to be Philip, dressed as Batman. He throws Bat-a-rangs at the children, causing them to run away screaming. Billy ends the episode by commenting that this is why they didn't celebrate Halloween in 2014.

Cast and Crew

Happy Halloween from Billy, Shane, Gavin, Philip, and Adam!

Voice Actors

  • Billy: Billy Crinion
  • Philip: Philip McEvoy


  • Animator: Billy Crinion
  • Background Designer: Philip McEvoy
  • Writer: Billy Crinion
  • Composer: Kevin McLeod