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SHIPWRECK'D is the first episode of Season 2 of Billy's Toon Times. It is a pirate-themed episode.


The episode starts with the guys sitting on the couch. Gavin suddenly pops the suggestion to watch TV, and he turns the TV on. The group sees a commercial for a cruise ship, and it asks if they enoy the smell of boatfood. Shane reminds Philip and Gavin that they don't have money. The commercial then mentions that the cruise is free. At the end of the commercial, Billy notices he subconsciously sketched a boat. Philip, Shane, Gavin, and Adam all look at Billy, showing their intrigue in going on a cruise.

They get to the ticket seller, who seems disgruntled to see them. He then asks if they have tickets, to which Shane answers truthfully that they don't, which shocks and annoys everyone else. However, the ticket seller gives them tickets, claiming he's getting paid solely to ask them that question.

The scene then transitions to Shane and Adam at a buffet table. Shane claims that he has no idea what half of the stuff on the table is, but that it's safe to eat, since it's being served on a boat. He then jumps onto the table, and begins eating. The scene then shows Gavin sitting down and enjoying himself, only for it to be revealed that he's sitting in mop bucket water, much to the chagrin of the janitor trying to clean.

The scene then shows Billy and Philip on two chairs, reading magazines, Philip's being about weapons, and Billy's being about innuendos. The captain of the ship walks over, and asks Billy if it's his first time sailing on their cruise ship, the S.S. Philepsky. However, Billy misinterprets what he's saying, and claims "Oh no, I've been sailing on Philip for awhile now". The scene briefly shows Billy dressed as a pirate, standing on Philip and his bed while he's asleep. The captain quickly corrects Billy, asking the question again, then explaining that the ship has a history of run-ins with pirates. He then starts talking about said run-ins, but it's tuned out by Gavin spraying the janitor in the eyes with a spritzer bottle, sending him overboard. The captain then retreats to his cabin.

Soon after the captain goes to his cabin, pirates attack the ship, which Gavin confuses for cowboys before being corrected by Shane. The pirates start pirate-ing, scaring the patrons of the cruise ship into running away. Billy and Philip start cluing into the events, and Philip soon notices the pirate captain's sword, causing him to freak out in excitement. He, Shane, and Gavin then steal some pirate clothing from the pirates, causing them to freak out and jump overboard. The pirate captain then swears they'll be back, with reinforcements. The pirates leave.

Philip, Shane and Gavin go through their loot, Philip happy that he has all their swords, Shane noticing that the coins he stole are chocolate coins, and Gavin using a Southern American accent while wearing pirate clothing, still not knowing the difference between pirates and cowboys. Billy tries to correct him, but Gavin doesn't seem to fully heed his correction. Gavin then makes a plan, assigning Philip to weaponizing the ship, Adam to use chocolate to persuade others on the ship to help them, Shane to redecorate the ship to be more pirate-like, and Billy to make sure the ship doesn't sink.

Shane goes to check in with Gavin, whose steering the ship, and lets him know that the ship is redecorated, weaponized, and now has a crew. Gavin asks how Billy's doing, and the scene goes to Billy, who's standing at the white flag. A parrot lands on his shoulder, and Billy asks if the parrot, whom he called "Polly", wanted a cracker. The parrot declines the cracker, scaring Billy. The pirates soon return, and Philip and the crew fire at the pirates, destroying their ship. Gavin then tries to get them back home, but crashes the boat.

Everyone gets off, and Billy asks when the ship got a doc, alerting a doctor walking past. However, Billy dismisses the doctor, and notices the white flag had fallen, causing the ship to sink. The credits then roll.

Cast and Crew

Voice Actors

  • Billy/Doctor: Billy Crinion
  • Shane: Shane Campbell
  • Gavin: Gavin Thomas
  • Philip: Philip McEvoy
  • Adam: Adam Crinion
  • Ticket Guy: Paul ter Voorde
  • Cruise Ship Captain: Lena
  • Janitor: Stephen Lynch
  • Pirate Captain: Marc Lovallo
  • Pirates: Greg McMahon, Thomas Ridgewell, Jordan Comeaux, and Sam Green


  • Animators: Billy Crinion, Angel Gonzalez and Cameron Montgomery
  • Writers: Billy Crinion, Jake Crinion, and Marc Lovallo
  • Composers: Kevin Macleod, Liam Priestnall, Teknoaxe, Shane Ivers, and YouTube Audio Library


  • Gavin not knowing the difference between cowboys and pirates is displayed in this episode.