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"You C4, I see 6."
— I Don't Mind if you Don't Mind

Philip was originally a substitute for Shane, but was adopted as an official main character. He first appeared in the mini episode 'Billy can't feel his arm!', he then appeared in every episode since.

Philip is one of the main protagonists in 'Billys Toon Times'. He's quite the weapon-savvy type.


Philip is the unhinged and mentally unstable[1] one of the group. He's very much into shooting and hitting things, though never seems to kill them, besides zombies. He came into the group a bit late, his first appearance being 'Hallo-Weenies Part 1'. He was supposed to be Shane's replacement when he left for the army, but he became an official main character. On every adventure Philip's prepared for pretty much anything.

Character Appearance

Philip has curly dark brown hair, brownish green eyes, and he appears to be the third tallest of him, Billy, Gavin, Shane, and Adam.

He wears a plain teal T-shirt, grey trousers, and grey sneakers. He's often carrying guns in his sleeves, as seen in "I Don't Mind if You Don't Mind", when they inconveniently fell out of his sleeves when Gavin was in his body.

Personality and Traits

Philip loves weapons of all types, from melee weapons such as knives to ranged weapons such as guns. He is described as "unhinged", which possibly means he may have a few things wrong with his head. On his official character sheet, Billy Crinion himself called him a "psychopath"[2], further supporting the idea that he's mentally unstable. He loves guns, explosives, knives, and pretty much any weaponry he can get his hands on. He appears to get fascinated quickly. During the events of SHIPWRECK'D, Philip was ecstatic to see the pirate's swords, and he stole all of them.

Character Trivia

  • Philip used to wear the same t-shirt he does but with a ingot of gold on the front. He liked the plain t-shirt better, so it was changed to being plain.
  • He appeared as a minotaur in "It's Dangerous to go Alone!".
    • This made him the only main character to appear as something other than human.
  • The reason why Philip is the only main character without blue eyes is because Billy Crinion did not care about the colors, he simply wanted to draw his friends.
  • It has been stated that Philip is colorblind on his official character sheet.
    • It also stated he may be afraid of dragons.