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Short adventures the guys have during their normal days.

Billy can't feel his arm


Billy Can't Feel His Arm - A BTT Minisode

Billy and Philip are walking through the park, but will Billy be able to ever feel his arm again?!

This Minisode was written by Billy and Philip. It was voiced by the both of them and revolves around them walking around, Billy suddenly can't feel his arm and so Philip touches stating that he can.

Yay Puns!



BTT Minisode 2 "Mugging"

Shane loves his video games, but will he be safe from the mugging that's in store for him?

This was a Minisode written by Billy. It was voiced by Billy and Shane and revolved around Billy using a mug as a pun. It revolves around Shane playing video games by himself when suddenly Billy walks up behind him stating that he's gonna "mug" Shane. Shane turns in disbelief and gets hit with a mug. Billy runs to the door and shouts at him.

God Damn Video Games


God Damn Video Games - A BTT Minisode


This Minisode was written by Billy and Shane. It was voiced by Shane and Adam, and for a brief moment, Billy. It revolves around Shane and Adam wanting to play their new horro game 'Blender'. They boot up the game but only the loading screen appears, they wait hours, even days for it to load but they have enough. Adam gets enraged and throws the console out the window, it explodes with the sound of Billy in the background. Shane gets scared and quickly leaves.

Boxing Day


Boxing Day - A BTT Minisode

"Happy Boxing Day!"

This Minsode was written by Billy and Shane. Voiced by the both of them. It revolves around Billy and Shane giving eachother late Christmas presents on 'Boxing Day', known in Ireland and England as 'St Stephen's Day'. Billy gives Shane his present which is the second 'Starbomb' CD, Shane gives Billy his present. Billy unwraps it and get's punched by a punching gloves connected to a spring. He passes out and Shane walks out, exclaiming "Happy Boxing Day!".

Scaring is Caring


Scaring is Caring - A BTT Minisode

Really Philip... Really?

This Minisode was written by Billy. Voiced by Billy and Philip. It revolves around little kids going to the house to Trick or Treat. Billy opens the door to give them candy but Philip jumps down from the roof in his Batman costume and throws Batarangs at them. They runs away and Billy shouts "This is why we didn't celebrate Halloween last year!".