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I really liked all the colors!
This article is based on unreleased content.

Haunted House Hijinks is the second full episode of Billy's Toon Times in Season 2, and the 7th episode overall. Judging by the title, it takes place in a haunted house.


[I am presently in an agreement not to say anything until release. Please watch the trailer for the run-down until the episode itself is released.]

Cast and Crew

Voice Actors

  • Billy/Pinkie: Billy Crinion
  • Shane: Shane Campbell
  • Philip: Philip McEvoy
  • Gavin: Gavin Thomas
  • Adam: Adam Crinion


  • Animator: Billy Crinion


  • When the BTT gang is compared to the photograph the caller received, the silhouettes are that of the Mystery Gang from Scooby-Doo.