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The Gang Leader is a minor antagonist of the episode "I Don't Mind if You Don't Mind". Him and his gang kidnapped Gavin, confusing him for Philip, due to the main characters all switching bodies, and Gavin ending up in Philip's. He mentioned that Philip shot up his crew the previous month, and that he wanted revenge. He was voiced by Shane Dunne.

Character Appearance

The Gang Leader has dirty blonde hair, which is shaved on the sides and slightly darker in tone than Gavin's, light teal eyes, one of which is scarred, and possibly blinded, and he appears to be only slightly shorter than Philip.

He wears a slate (dull dark blue) hoodie over a green T-shirt and under a dark moss green overcoat, bright blue jeans, and dark grey sneakers. He also wears a dark grey beanie, similar to Billy's.

Personality and Traits

Being a one-time character, he does not possess a memorable personality. He seemed to like watching "Philip" suffer shown when he laughed at him after showing him a picture of a cat that was painfully adorable. He seems to be aware that they're in a show, as he simply shrugged off the idea that putting a bullet into Gavin's head, and said that it wasn't too violent for the show. It is unknown what happened to him after Philip knocked him unconscious and freed Gavin.