The hallo gays

Their near-final designs in The Halloweenies(Season 2 polishes them a bit and redisings Gavin's hair)

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The prototype of Billy

The show Billy's Toon Times has actually evolved over the years. The current version is not even close to its original ideas and intent.

Billy's Toon Time Versions:

Version 1.0: Drawings

Billy and the gang in The Pilot

Before it was a show or even an idea to be a show, it was just drawings with no intent of being a show. Billy started when he was 9 drawing him and his friends, posting them on deviantart and doing various things with them. Some drawings were close to Billy's Toon Times, but a lot weren't. Billy used to draw a lot of Ben 10 Fan arts as well.

Version 2.0: Prototype

After drawing a lot, Billy finally decided to make a cartoon show. He made the quick video Billys Toon Times: Heads Up. (which wasn't originally named that) In the video he shows a prototype drawing of billy slightly animated in flash. He explains that he wishes to create a show revolving around him and his friends and their life at school. He mentions in the video that he intends on using that style. He also mentions that he hasn't picked out a name for the show as of yet.

Version 3.0: Intro

Finally, Billy changed his art style and decided to start a show. He then create The Intro of Billy's Toon Times. (which he actally names it that then) The intro is short and the art style slightly resembles the one used in the Pilot, but isn't as good.

Version 4.0: Pilot

Then, Billy creates the actual Pilot of the show. Which was the official first episode. However, the pilot wasn't the final show because it lacked proper sound effects and the animation was in a very different format. Plus, Billy animated movement in this very different then he currently does.

Version 5.0: Final Show!

In October 2013, Billy finalized his style, and made the first real, full length episode. (The Halloweenies) The designs changed and the tones and movement drastically improved. Billy now animated movement 100% without taking shortcuts or skipping frames. Gavin's hair was redesigned in 2014.

BTT 2014
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