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Boxing Day is the 3rd minisode of Billys Toon Times. The centric characters are Billy and Shane. It is centered around a holiday known as "Boxing Day", meaning the episode takes place one day after Christmas. It aired on December 26, 2014.


The episode begins with Gavin throwing a snowball at Philip, who is building a snowman of himself. After the snowball hits Philip, he points a gun at Gavin in anger.

Billy and Shane are inside, exchanging late Christmas gifts. Billy gives Shane a Starbomb game, and Shane pranks Billy with a springlocked boxing glove. It proceeds to punch Billy, and Shane wishes him a happy Boxing Day, leaves, and thanks Billy for the gift.

Cast and Crew

Voice Actors

  • Billy: Billy Crinion
  • Shane: Shane Campbell


  • Animator: Billy Crinion
  • Writers: Billy Crinion and Shane Campbell
  • Composer: Jingle Punks


  • A gunshot is heard at the end, possibly meaning that Philip shot Gavin.