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Prior to this, Billy and Marc appeared as zombie cameos in the Eddsworld Legacy episode, 'Fun Dead' in 2014.

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Billy Crinion is the creator of Billy's Toon Times. He voices the titular character and is the lead animator of the series. He does nearly everything on the show, as he likes to have a very hands on approach to make sure it's what he wants it to look like. This includes; Boards, roughs, cleanup, concepts, co-writing, audio and video editing, background and voice acting.

He was the former lead animator and co-producer of the now cancelled 'Eddsworld Fan Movie' until leaving the project to pursue his career in freelance animation, however kept in touch and
Billy credited in the title sequence to The End Part 1.
gave advice with the ever-changing crew over the years before it's cancellation. The initial work on this fan film lead to the opportunity for Billy, and (Director, at the time, of the Eddsworld Fan Film) Marc Lovallo to work with Eddsworld Legacy to animate for the Legacy 2-part finale, 'Eddsworld: The End' in 2016.
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Billy apearing Eddsworld, one of his favorite shows.(He's the zombie with the Hat.)

In 2013, as he began to pursue animation he wanted to create his own series. This was instigated after creating fan animations for a year. The year prior he had tinkered with animation, developing a fan series of Christopher Niosi's animated series, 'TOME: The Terrain of Magical Expertise'. After a few months this ceased, due to Niosi politely asking for Billy to stop, and hopefully try to create his own series rather than copy TOME.

Billy decided it was best to come up with a new idea. At around the same time, the Eddsworld Legacy series began to produce episodes. So he decided to create a series, inspired by Eddsworld that he could base around his friend group, and throw them into fun situations. Before long he had already animated both a teaser and pilot based on him, and two of his close friends, Shane and Gavin. Without asking and any voice acting experience, Billy decided to voice all three characters himself. Showing it to the two of them after releasing the cartoons on Youtube. Shane at first was reluctant, so during the next few months Philip was intended to be his replacement. Shane quickly took back his reluctance and along with him, Adam (Billy's twin brother) joined the cast. They all appeared together in 'The Hallo-Weenies' later that year, all voicing their respective characters. The 'Pinkie' character/sheep/pet, was a creation of Shane, who played Minecraft and owned a pink sheep named Pinkie. He then insisted his character have a pet sheep of the same name, and even wrote the script for 'Done Deals' that introduced the character. Billy didn't like the idea at first, but the reception from the audience seemed to like him so he stayed.

Over time, the series felt too much like Eddsworld still, and Billy slowly changed the designs of the characters to fit his current style to separate from the Eddsworld look. The voice acting and writing improved, and so did the animation and art style as each episode was released. In 2016, the season one finale of Billy's Toon Times, 'It's Dangerous to Go Alone!', released as a two-parter. This was due to the fact that the episodes combined took over a year to produce so it was best to release them as two parts of one story. This fantasy episode feels like when the series began to come into it's own and started to feel less and less like Eddsworld.
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Billy at Boulder Media (2015)

In his early years of animating, Billy used to do work experience with the Dublin based animation studio, Boulder Media, that produced popular animated shows such as 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends', the first season of 'The Amazing World of Gumball' and 'Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja'. This stopped in 2015 as the company began to expand and both the studio, and Billy became too busy, which made it more difficult to visit. However, he has still kept in touch and hopes to work with them once he's stopped freelancing.

Billy is now a professional freelance animator, with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation. He currently does animation work for Tomska, and Mashed. Along with being Lead Animator for Tomska's 'Crash Zoom' Season 2. In his free time he has been producing more Billy's Toon Times content at a more professional rate.

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