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Billy Can't Feel His Arm! is a minisode written and voiced by Billy Crinion and Philip McEvoy. It's about Billy losing feeling in his arm suddenly.


Billy and Philip are walking, when suddenly, Billy loses feeling in his arm. He frantically tells Philip he can't feel his arm, which leads to Philip touching his arm and informing him that he can. Billy thanks his now grinning friend, who grunts in response.


Voice Actors:

  • Billy: Billy Crinion
  • Philip: Philip McEvoy


  • Writers: Billy Crinion and Philip McEvoy
  • Animator: Billy Crinion
  • Background Designer: Philip McEvoy


  • This episode required the least amount of people, with 2.
    • Those two were only Billy and Philip.
  • This episode displays that Philip may be a bit of a creep.