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"I'm just gonna stay here and not get hit."
Anger Management

Billy is the main character of Billys Toon Times. He is voiced by Billy Crinion.


Billy is the one of the main protagonists in 'Billys Toon Times'. Most episodes in the series revolve around him being dragged into exciting new adventures that the group gets up to.

Billy, is the most level headed of the group. The rest of the guys can differ quite a bit but Billy keeps them together. He may be the leader of the group but he's the last to get a say in any of the adventures they go on. He genuinely cares about his friends and the people around him, therefore he tries his best to not let things get too out of hand.

Though he's dragged on all these adventures, he still enjoys them and will play along.

Character Appearance

Billy has brown hair, blue eyes, and is likely the shortest of the crew (except Pinkie).

Billy wears a grey hoodie over a maroon T-shirt, jeans, and grey shoes. He's almost never seen without his trademark hat.

Personality and Traits

Despite being the leader, he's not usually the one to make the plans for an adventure, often leaving the ideas to Shane. He normally agrees with what ever Shane chooses. He gets distracted easily by messages and the temptation to animate. He appears to be both brave and pathetic. His left ear is revealed to be sensitive after Adam smacked it in "It's Dangerous to go Alone!.

Character Trivia

  • He voiced all characters for the Pilot episode.
  • Billy doesn't like not wearing his beanie.
  • He also makes digital art in his bedroom.
  • Billy makes a cameo in the webcomic "Jack" in "Comic 67 Smeck"
  • He is one of two main/supporting characters to have died, his "death" being in "God Damn Video Games", after Adam threw a game console at him and it exploded.