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Anger Management is a Billy's Toon Times short, which focuses mainly on Philip's anger issues.


The short starts with Billy sitting at his computer, possibly animating. In the background is Philip, who's throwing things around and making a mess. After an explosion, Billy finally notices, and Gavin points out that he believes Philip has anger issues. The two then brainstorm ideas to try to tame Philip's anger.

The first idea is therapy, where it's shown Billy trying to talk to Philip about his feelings, only for Philip to wreck the sitting room in rage, then throw the chair Billy is sitting on. Billy and Gavin then return to Billy's room, and suggest putting Philip in a padded room.

Gavin is shown bringing Philip food in his new padded room, but when he opens the door, Philip broke out, and Billy is there, wrapped with a straightjacket, presumed to have been used to restrain Philip. Their next idea is an exorcism.

Philip is shown chained to his bed while Billy and Gavin perform an exorcism on him. His spirit, which is red, leaves his body, possesses Billy, and throws him around, injuring his entire body. Later, they see an ad for an anger management place, where people can break things to vent their anger. They take Philip there.

Philip is shown using this method, and being happy about it. Gavin decides to join him in breaking things, while Billy stays behind. Billy is then hit in the eye by a flying object.

Back at home, Billy has an eyepatch, and he and Gavin talk about Philip finally achieving inner peace.

Cast and Crew

Voice Actors

  • Billy/Clown/TV Announcer: Billy Crinion
  • Philip: Philip McEvoy
  • Gavin: Gavin Thomas


  • Animator/Composer: Billy Crinion
  • Composer: Kevin MacLeod


  • This is the first Billys Toon Times short released in 2020.