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"You're gonna need to bring me along, or otherwise, you'll be killed. But don't worry, I'm also a Willsmith."
It's Dangerous to go Alone! part 1

Adam is Billy's younger twin brother in real life, and is a relative and neighbor of his in the show. He is voiced by Adam Crinion.

Adam is a recurring character in Billy Toon Times, and he was a main character in "It's Dangerous to Go Alone!".


Adam is the 'Adam' one. He's the group's next door neighbour and he sometimes joins the group on their adventures. Though he wants to be part of the group, he doesn't care if the guys are in danger during the adventures they go on.

Character Appearance

Adam has straight light brown hair, teal eyes, and he's fairly tall, being taller than Shane, as seen in "God Damn Video Games!".

He wears a dull blue open hoodie with grey drawstrings, blue jeans, and dark grey/black sneakers. In "Halloweenies" and "Scaring is Caring", he is seen wearing an Iron man costume.

In Season 2, Adam's been redesigned. His design is mostly the same as it was, only he now wears a teal/blue hoodie, which has its sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and he wears a dark grey shirt underneath, dark green pants, and dark grey shoes.

Personality and Traits

Adam seems to not have a lot of patience, as seen in "God Damn Video Games!", when he threw a gaming console out the window at Billy, after a game took a week to load, and only to 50%. He has also been shown to be oblivious, shown in "I Don't Mind if You Don't Mind", where he greeted the group, who were all in their incorrect bodies, as if nothing strange was going on, and he simply went to have a sandwich after Billy told him they were busy instead of trying to assist. In "It's Dangerous to Go Alone!", he is shown to not really care about the well-being of Shane or Billy, as he made armour for himself, but not for them, his reasoning being that if they died, he didn't want blood all over the armour. He was quick to snap at Shane in the same episode, after Shane pointed out that him and Billy wouldn't die if they had armour. He seems to like being included, and he is in a constant state of boredom. in SHIPWRECK'D, Adam seemed appreciative that Gavin was including him.

Character Trivia

  • Adam lives on his own, next door to the group.
  • Real-life Adam is younger than Billy by 3 minutes.
  • He, along with Billy and Philip, is one of three characters who have always been the voice actor of their own character, since Gavin and Shane were voiced by Billy in The Pilot.
  • As seen in "It's Dangerous to go Alone!", Adam is left-handed.
  • Despite not being considered a "main character" in the show, he is considered one on the Wikia, due to appearing frequently throughout the series, even without a prominent role.
    • Another reason he's considered a main character here is because his only actually "recurring" role was in I Don't Mind if You Don't Mind, as he was either a main character or absent in every other episode.
  • Adam has FOMO, which is The Fear of Missing Out.